Moving to a new server

If you see this, you are now connected to Galaxy, my new server!

Just a little heads-up – I’m moving Wii U Go and to my new server with CleverKite. There should be very little downtime, as I’ve set the TTL’s on both domains to 5 minutes; but don’t be alarmed if the sites remain inaccessible for 24-48 hours.

The new server uses solid state disks instead of hard drives, which means you can expect a serious improvement in page loading times. If you want to get a feel for just how fast it is, check out MLP Forums, which has been running on the new server since yesterday.

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Comments, Reactions, and General Hooliganism

  1. Can I have a link to the Wii U forum? When I search it on Google all I get is the old one, which just shows a white screen.

  2. Sportsgamer

    When was this message posted?

    • F0

      Roughly two hours ago. The forums are giving me a bit of trouble transferring across… should be fixed soon!

  3. GeneralCraezy

    This is a bit wierd… its all white and text… D:

    • F0

      Whoops… this has been fixed.

  4. Glad that went over smoothly for you.