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Nintendo’s Press Conference @ E3 2012

(want one of these countdowns for yourself?) Nintendo’s E3 2012 press conference is just around the corner, and it is poised to host the Wii U’s greatest showing yet. Last year’s reveal was little more than a teaser – Nintendo are saving the goods for this year’s show, and you can bet it’s gonna be […]

Introducing the Wii U Games Database

Here’s what I’ve been working on for the past little while. Just in time for Nintendo’s E3 press conference, I’m proud to unveil our Wii U Games Database! At the moment, it is little more than a list of Wii U games interconnected with all the articles, screenshots, and videos we’ve posted about them. But […]

E3, here we come!

Good morning everybody. We hope you slept well and are ready for the big day! The Nintendo E3 conference begins at 9:00 AM PST and we’ll be bringing you articles as the news happens. Remember to tune in for the big show and we hope you guys enjoy the ride.

Get your very own E3 2012 countdown!

With just under 10 days left to Nintendo’s E3 2012 press conference, here’s a nifty little countdown timer suitable for embedding into any website or forum signature! Feel free to use it anywhere you like. Embed codes are below, for your convenience: BBCode (for forum posts and signatures): [url=][img][/img][/url] HTML (for websites and blogs): <a […]

Moving to a new server

If you see this, you are now connected to Galaxy, my new server! Just a little heads-up – I’m moving Wii U Go and to my new server with CleverKite. There should be very little downtime, as I’ve set the TTL’s on both domains to 5 minutes; but don’t be alarmed if the sites […]

Wii U Go turns one year old!

As of today, exactly 365 days have passed since I created Wii U Go. I started this blog last September, long before we had heard anything about Project Café, with the mission to bring all sorts of news and juicy rumours about the Wii’s successor together on a single, convenient blog. Back then, it went […]

Video: Wii 2 Blog on G4tv

G4tv, the world’s largest TV station dedicated to video games, was on the bleeding edge of E3 this year. As part of their coverage of Nintendo’s press conference, they put together a pre-show that aired before the conference began. Part of this pre-show focused on the Wii U – or as we called it then, […]

Wii U Go has a new Facebook Page!

Since the site was renamed from Wii 2 Blog to Wii U Go, our old Facebook page became somewhat irrelevant. Sadly, Facebook doesn’t allow anything with over 100 likes to change its name, so I’m counting on your cooperation to re-like our new page for Wii U Go! I’ll see you there!


I’ve got an exciting announcement to make. As of today, I’m entering into a partnership with David Turnbull, a good friend of mine and the owner of Wii U Blog and Nintendo 3DS Blog. He’s joining me as the co-admin of our forums, which have now moved to their final domain name, (formerly […]

Counting down to Nintendo’s E3 press conference

Shortly after Nintendo confirmed the exact date and time for their E3 press conference, at which they will be revealing the Wii’s successor, I decided to have a little fun and put together a countdown timer for it. It updates every time you refresh the page, and is set to stop at precisely 9:00 AM […]