New Super Mario Bros. U announcement

New Super Mario Bros. U, previously called New Super Mario Bros. Mii, shown at E3 has shown us a lot more about the game, including new powerups, abilities, and gameplay options. For starters, if four people are playing with Wiimotes, somebody with a Wii U gamepad can help them by creating blocks or doing other various things to aid in completing obstacles and getting a new highscore. Miiverse will be heavily implemented in the game, so you can show off records and chat in the midst of the game. You can also share screenshots ingame and show off you mood. Also making a return is Yoshi, with a few new abilities as well. When he hatches, you have to feed him to make him grow, much like Super Mario World for SNES.

We have a few screenshots and a trailer  for you after the break.

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