Nintendo’s Wii U sales target is 10.5 million

Nintendo has set its combined sales targets for the Wii U and the Wii in the upcoming financial year and they are expecting to shift ten million Wii U and Wii units. Their software sales target for Wii U and Wii is 70 million units.

To put that in perspective, 9.84m Wii consoles and 102m software units were shifted in the past 12 months. The Nintendo 3Ds sold 13.53 million units last year which fell slightly below the 14 million sales predicted.


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Comments, Reactions, and General Hooliganism

  1. ddddd

    Also notice that they expect the 3DS and WiiU software to be sold both in physical and digital form. Hints at the possibility of doing full retail games on the e-shop.

  2. ddddd

    Also, its 10m of both Wii and WiiU combined actually IIRC

    • Ruthie

      Yes you’re right, thank you 🙂

  3. Wolf

    Looks like their expectations are pretty low.

    • uPadWatcher

      That’s where you’re completely wrong, Wolfy. Imagine the impact of sales when the Big N releases the new Super Smash Bros. game for both Wii U (name subject to change) and the Nintendo 3DS. If that ever happens, the sales for both Nintendo consoles will be nothing less than phenomenal.

    • RoboBus

      Uh, yeah but 10 million wii and u combined is only 200,000 wii u’s if we take last years figures for wii sales …
      You’re talking about something unrelated.
      Their expectations are low, and rightly so.
      I would imagine they’re deliberately low, so that the next time Iwata’s in front of investors and has some good wii u news.
      Set the target low so you can impress with an easier chance of breaking your target.

    • uPadWatcher

      What I’m talking about is on a “global” scale, Robo.

    • RockD79

      Those numbers are low Wolf. If they keep their numbers low and sell over that number it’ll look better on paper and to the investors. It’ll definitely restore lost confidence. Thats an entire year for the Wii and that probably covers the first five months for the Wii U. A low figure but may help in the end.

    • Deuce

      Those Smash Bros sales you’re talking about ain’t happening this financial year, buddy. You’re just talking up bullcrap meant to make you feel good. And like Robo said, you’re not even addressing what Wolfy is saying.

    • uPadWatcher

      Douchebag… think positively instead of being a fucking hypocrite.

  4. Wii U Dragon

    They won’t reach that if they sell it for more than $300 dollars. It was the price cut that fueled the boost in 3DS sales.

  5. crackkat

    as long as the economy doesnt get worse (fat chance of that) then the wii u should easily meet 10million

  6. RockD79

    10.5 million Wii U’s all regions is very feasible. That by my guess is of launch of November 2012- March 31, 2013. With the right amount of software this shouldn’t be an issue.

    • RockD79

      Oops thats both Wii’s pushing 10.5 million all region. That shouldn’t be an issue. Actually think they low balled it. Hmmm…

  7. Captainhowdy

    If there’s any gaming company that can do it, it’s the big N.

    • RockD79

      Now im hearing some crazy $hit along the lines that would definitely pacify the investors wanting Nintendo in the mobile market. Wii U controller may run Android OS… thats nucking futs! This is going all over the place too! Game sites and Android sites are talking about the possibility and with the investor meeting just hours away… anything is possible.

    • RockD79

      Well you can scratch that Android announcement. The meetings over. Iwata mostly talked about digital software downloads starting this August.

  8. uPadWatcher

    Douche Ventura… quit kissing Wolf and Robo’s asses and get over it, OK?