Peter Moore is fascinated by the Wii U

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From being called upon by Satoru Iwata at E3 to their gush of positive comments on the system, it seems that EA’s enthusiasm for the Wii knows no bounds.

Not too long ago, Peter Moore let out another stream of praise for the system’s dual-screen experience, explaining how it applies to the modern gadget-crazy world.

I don’t know about you, but watching TV I find myself either sitting with my laptop doing emails or my iPad browsing the web while the TV is going on in front of me. I think I’m watching it, depending on what it is.

But the second screen mentality, it’s not only doing something different, but also every now and then you are watching TV and have a question and it’s fascinating now to do enquiries and find out information about something that you are watching on the mane screen using your second screen.

Moore then went on to say how many of EA’s games “are built for calling plays or strategies that you can’t see on the big screen.”

There certainly isn’t anything we haven’t heard before here, but that last quip sounds like a tease for a few big sports games.

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  1. GuySmiley

    Right. Well, selecting plays on the tablet screen is a bit of a given IMO. Still, It’s gonna be cool to see once it happens.