Project Cafe footage is definitely fake

Remember that footage featuring Project Cafe? Well, new evidence has come in that the video is completely and utterly fake. The reliability of the video was questionable anyway but this new evidence seems to blow any thoughts that it was true out the window.

A French website gave students the challenge of creating a piece of multimedia work in order to bring 5,000 views to the page. The winning prize went to two students for faking an event displaying Project Cafe. And when you click the link to their work, it goes straight to the Youtube video we’ve all been debating over.

This seems to be heavy evidence that this video is definitely fake.

Thank you Josh for sending that in.

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Comments, Reactions, and General Hooliganism

  1. A little bit of me actually believe it was true oh well. In fact I’m happy, as the mystery of the console is still there then.

  2. Epic Kirby

    A small part of me actually believe that this was real, oh well.

  3. Arnar

    All I can say is… THANK GOD!

  4. zxride64

    Well, this should stop the fighting on forums

  5. real gamer

    did i not state students in a classroom OH LOOK confirmed students in a classroom

    it was ,,what it looked like how anyone thought different scares me tin foil on string in the sky wouldnt be a alien invation ether

  6. Bob

    I knew it was…

  7. I knew it was fake cuz regie would of been the one showing it off in the first place. I wish Nintendo would spill the dam beans already, waiting is agonizing :O

  8. Joshua Dale

    well i suspected it to be fake since the start, with the issues with ratio between screen and analogue stick ect, but am glad it can now be put to rest. they certainly did a good job getting it out there without pushing it too much though. was certainly convincing enough to get alot of interest, and there timing was pretty spot on haha.

  9. George Tirebiter

    I came into this video with the approach of “Innocent until proven gulity.”

    Well….now it’s been proven guilty. ‘Nuff said. Show’s over, folks. Nothing to see here.

  10. DaimyoNintendo

    not surprised, the girl pointing to the screen then the console then back to the screen was looking for a moment directly into the camera so if someone was filming it would have been noticed.

    Does not mean that the console will not look like that, it very well be what the console looks like and remember it was said to be the size of an xbox. You cant have a powerful HD console and make it the size of Wii or smaller.

  11. RockD79

    This is great news. 2 more weeks to go. Can’t wait.

  12. nintendofan

    f—ing students… oh well. At least there’s still that element of surprise.

  13. Joshua Dale

    possible news story to bring to your attention

    allegedly there will be a smash bros game shown for project cafe at e3, titled smash bros strife.

    there is also apparently a leaked screenshot

    not sure how likely this is, and struggling to track down the source of the image, but the smash bros at e3 story first turned up here and he claims to have inside sources, but these sources havent been verified by anyone else yet.

    josh dale

    • Joshua Dale

      any way to remove posts after theyre up? this just got put up but the story is now uploaded.

    • S.S.B fan

      The tiltle for Super Smash Bros ”strife” is False because it’s not saying, Shigesato Iroi (don’t know his name…) game freak,…. So, it’s false (it’s true that Hal and Nintendo do this game!)

  14. Aw, man!