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‘Legend of Paper Zelda’ for Wii U listed by a Swedish retailer

The Swedish retailer Cdon has put up a listing for a Wii U game by the name of ‘Legend of Paper Zelda’. This is actually the second time we’ve had a Swedish retailer list something odd – the first was when Webhallen started taking pre-orders for the Wii U back when we still referred to […]

Faked: ‘Super Mario Wii 2,’ Vitality Sensor, and Wii 2 console appear in retailer listing

A NeoGAF’er by the name of Nemesis556 has put up a picture of what he claims to be a local retailer’s listing of Wii games and products they are expecting to receive. Three very interesting items appeared on it. I’m 99% sure it’s fake, and I’ll explain why in a moment, but I’m putting it […]

Project Cafe footage is definitely fake

Remember that footage featuring Project Cafe? Well, new evidence has come in that the video is completely and utterly fake. The reliability of the video was questionable anyway but this new evidence seems to blow any thoughts that it was true out the window. A French website gave students the challenge of creating a piece […]