Rumour: Nintendo Network to rival Xbox Live & PlayStation Network?

Mario Kart DS Online

Following yesterday’s reveal of Nintendo Network, some alleged details about the service have surfaced. Now, I say “alleged” because they come from an anonymous, unverifiable source.

The rumour claims that Nintendo Network will be right on par with Xbox Live and PlayStation Network, if not rival it. Apparently, it “will include many new features that haven’t been used before by Nintendo. ” Nintendo Network will also be a unified service shared by the Wii U and 3DS (as I had speculated), and there will apparently be a website from which you can configure and manage your account.

How much of this you choose to believe is up to you. But don’t forget that developers as large as EA and Ubisoft have expressed delight with the Wii U’s online features. Nintendo also received a patent some time ago for a “massively single-player online game” – perhaps that will be one of these new features we’ve never seen before.

What do you think it would take for Nintendo Network to rival PlayStation Network and Xbox Live?

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Comments, Reactions, and General Hooliganism

  1. Odyssey

    Some kind of Achievement/Trophy system would be good if Nintendo hope to draw the hardcore, completionist, achievement/trophy-whoring crowd.

  2. That’s good news. Hopefully the rumours are true.

  3. Hope we get some good games to go with the network near release of the console.

  4. All I know this will be awesome. I have faith in Nintendo, like always!!

  5. Lene

    If so demanding developers are satisfied by the U online services, it means there are important things we don’t know at the moment.

    Nintendo has been working on handheld-homeconsole interaction since the GBA-GC. And they showed in the last months that they wanted the 3DS to have more advanced functionalities.

    But how could they show us everything as long as the U isn’t here? We have to wait for the U to see the entire thing.

  6. crackkat

    i never understood the people (even nintendo fans) who used to say “the wii u’s online is probably not be on par with psn and xbox live, but hopefully it will be good enough for a fun experience” ABSOLUTE BULL!! why on earth will nintendo’s new online not be better than xbox live, it should at least be on par, probably will be better

    • ddddd

      Probably because its 2012 and nintendo still relies on FRIEND CODES

  7. Captain Falcon

    Needs a name change imo.

  8. I wonder how good this Nintendo Network will be, if you’ll have a login for it so you can transfer certain game data easily, and how it looks with Wii U to 3DS interaction(s).

  9. BP


  10. Fernando Fernandez

    To take Nintendo Network to outer limits, it should first use both a friend code system and an email registration method. It should also be an evolution of Club Nintendo in America, and similar services in the rest of the world, and be expanded to the rest of america, including my country Chile. On the Nintendo 3DS, it should support continous voice chat in any location of the system and inner videocalls in the friends list, both configured in the friends list. In order to access them easily, the system must receive an update where the inner apps (browser, notebook, friend list & notifications) can be accessed by holding down the HOME button, and then pressing one of the face buttons (A, B, X & Y). Also, it must support applications similar to the channels of Wii. On the Wii, aside from benefiting it with a new update, it should update the friends list by adding online player statuses and email based friend adding methods too. The system should add further DLC support based on SD cards like the 3DS, in order to progress in it‛s longlasting or last lasting life, depending on which decisions Nintendo makes. Also, they should join together the Nintendo Channel with the Wii Shop Channel in order to create a new eShop, but instead of that, they should rebrand the name in both systems as the “Nintendo eMall”, due to transmitting videos and retail games aside from selling digital games, as well as expanding the size limit of Wiiware games.

    Everything mentioned should also apply to Wii U, but by also including support to link both Steam and Nintendo Network accounts in order to progress in a better way, depending if Steam is accepted rather than origin on the system. They should also give support for linking Facebook, Twitter and, the latter in an official way, to share automatically what is one playing right now. Depending on the success of the 3DS, they should be able to support cloud-based play coins transfer for it‛s use on Wii U and not much on Wii. There should also be an HTML 5 based website to check information about the accounts in any PC, Smartphone, etc…

    …and i can continue explaining the rest, but my hand will get tired if i don‛t stop writing on my 3DS. See ya!

  11. SSL

    It would be great if Nintendo could use our club Nintendo Accounts as a proper Nintendo ID across all platforms.

    BTW, Club Nintendo existed in both Japan and Europe years before NA got it, why do people think it only exist there? (even Oceania and South Africa had it before NA)