Rumour: Wii U is Nintendo’s “best idea in ages”, hardware issues will be resolved

According to this last report from 01net, the Wii U is Nintendo’s “best idea in ages”, and Nintendo are confident that they’ll get their current hardware issues fixed.

As for the Wii U, despite its serious problems of development – you can be sure – will be resolved, it is probably the best idea we have had for ages.

The press, like players, do not seem to fully realize the potential of this revolutionary machine. It’s a whole new way to create and play before us. And given the graphics quality achieved by the hardware of the present generation, I think the technical superiority of our future competitors in the market for machinery room will not weigh heavily in the balance, faced with what we will bring in terms of gameplay . U The Wii is the future of gaming. You will not soon realize it!

It’s definitely a more uplifting bit of news than the last piece from 01net, but as with any unsourced rumour, don’t treat it as fact. The same article predicted that Iwata is on the verge of losing his job, and further fueled the rumour that Nintendo would re-release the 3DS with a second Circle Pad next year – both of which don’t exactly sound plausible.

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  1. Mariomaster1

    Well, no duh it was a great idea how they made it! I mean, seeing as, like all of Nintendo’s consoles have before it, the Wii U is bound to get copied in one way or form in the future. Noting this, people might as well get used to acknowledging its greatness early on…..If anyone knows what I’m trying to say with that statement. Also, as far as the hardware issues, nobody’s perfect, Nintendo just made some mistakes in the put-it-together stages and after all is fixed they’ll get their act together. But if this post proves to be false news, then, well, whatever……ignore all the above.

  2. There’s a lot of negativity surrounding Nintendo lately, but when you look at it, the only real mistake they’ve done is make the 3DS too expensive at launch… problem that has been fixed.

    Granted, there’s also a lack of software, but that was also the case with the DS’s launch.

  3. Well, I certain hope if they have any issues, that they can get them resolved soon. A delay for the Wii U may hurt the Wii U, as multiplatform third-party games that come out before the Wii U would be less of a reason for many gamers of other consoles to buy a Wii U. But hopefully, if there is a problem Nintendo’s working on, developers will get with the program and develop some amazing exclusive games for the Wii U and not leave a seemingly-amazing console as Wii U die out to lack of support.

  4. crackkat

    since all 3rd party developers havent complained (on the contrary, have only praised) the wii u, its safe to say that nintendo has likely solved any issues they had (if they actually had any)