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Rumour: Wii U is Nintendo’s “best idea in ages”, hardware issues will be resolved

According to this last report from 01net, the Wii U is Nintendo’s “best idea in ages”, and Nintendo are confident that they’ll get their current hardware issues fixed. As for the Wii U, despite its serious problems of development – you can be sure – will be resolved, it is probably the best idea we have […]

Rumour: Wii U set for June 2012 launch, Nintendo struggling to finalize hardware

A fresh rumour has just broken loose from 01net, the same site that accurately leaked a motherload of information about the Wii U several months ago – or as we knew it at the time, Project Café. According to their sources, Nintendo’s strategy of using slightly obsolete technology to minimize costs is on the verge of […]

New details on Project Café controller, including resolution and streaming

A new article from 01net, one of the leading sources of Wii HD rumors, claims that the system’s touchscreen controller is not actually HD, and instead has a resolution of 800×500 pixels. While it’s not HD, it’s still a decently high resolution for 6.2 inches, and should look about as crisp as one of the […]