Rumour: Wii U to be 83% as powerful as the Xbox 720?

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An inside source has revealed some secret information to IGN regarding the processing power of the Xbox 720’s and Wii U’s graphics hardware.

[The] Xbox 720’s raw graphics processing power is expected to be six times that of the Xbox 360 and will yield 20-percent greater performance than Nintendo’s forthcoming console, the Wii U.

Now, I can already smell the trolls descending onto this (rumoured!) number to declare the Wii U inadequate; but look at it more optimistically. If the Xbox 720 is 20% more powerful than the Wii U, do the math and you’ll see that this makes the Wii U just over 83% as powerful.

This may mean that Xbox 720 versions of multiplatform games get slightly better textures or a few more particles on the screen. But realistically, it’s unlikely this difference will stop developers trying to port a game from the Xbox 720 to the Wii U or vice versa. The two consoles are roughly on the same level, likely to a similar extent as the PlayStation 3 compared to the Xbox 360.

What’s more exciting is that the Xbox 720 is apparently six times more powerful than its predecessor (which brings the Wii U to just about 5x more powerful, on the same benchmark). Considering what developers have been able to do with the Xbox 360’s rather old GPU this generation, a leap this large will no doubt make many developers happy (and it’s a much more attractive figure than the “50% more powerful” we heard many months ago). To hear that the Wii U and Xbox 720 are both such a significant leap over the current generation is exciting indeed.

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  1. Javik

    *Correction* The Wii U will ACTUALLY be 83.33% as powerful as the Nextbox 2pie

  2. DigitalGreenTea

    • Totoro

      I don’t understand these articles making a comparison, at all. These articles say the Wii U is said to be roughly twice more processing capable than the current xbox 360, and 20% less capable than the “720”? While this next gen XBOX is 6 times more powerful than the current 360. Translation, in my brain, Wii U < XBOX 360 = +2x = +200% while XBOX over 9000 < XBOX 360 = +6x = +600%, generally meaning the correct calculation would be that, XBOX PWN < Wii U = +4x = +400%. IT MAKES NO SENSE according to what the articles portray and therefore are now considered bull****.

      On another note, the graphics card comparison of the ATI Radeon HD 4870 vs AMD Radeon HD 6670 GDDR5, is like comparing the architecture of a Geforce 4800 GTX and a Geforce 9600 GT, the architecture of the 6670 is far more superior and by now everyone should learn that Mhz and Ghz mean assbabies in the world of technology this day and age.

      In the end all of these articles keep jumping around, either by the changes being done in the Wii U dev kits or because editors in IGN and such just have nothing better to do than receive anonymous quotes and visions of Jesus in their pancakes, therefore should be shunned from our community until Nintendo and Microsoft release some real, plausible information.

  3. Pro Pizza >:D

    So much math… *blows up* X.X

  4. crackkat

  5. miiworld2

    Okay, first they say the XBOX 720 is gonna be 20% more powerful than Wii U. Now they say Wii U is gonna be 83% more powerful than XBOX 720.


  6. ….I’m just, so confused now…

  7. Sam

    Out of curiosity how much more powerful than 360s are high-end gaming PCs? Because from what I’ve seen the difference in graphics quality doesn’t really look that significant to me and graphics differences were made clear to me only when shown in comparison side by side..

  8. Matt

    there saying 720 is 17% more powerful

    Its not true compares the 2 chips WiiU is more powerful.

  9. Matt

    the 720 going off spec sheets is 20% less powerful than WiiU.

  10. yes but xbox 720 has 10,000 rpm voloci-raptor hard drives that has 400 mb/s read write speed wii u ssd has 300 mb/s read write speed soo you use a 10,000 rpm hard drive or a 15,000 rpm hard drive or a hybride hard drive can have faster read write speeds then a ssd