Skyrim Wii U is “definitely a possibility”

Skyrim Wii U Logo

The Official Nintendo Magazine had the chance to interview Bethesda’s Pete Hines, who said that the idea of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim coming to the Wii U is “definitely a possibility”.

It’s definitely a possibility for the future. We’ll look at any platform that will support that games we’re trying to make, but that’s the key thing – the console has to support the game as it is designed.

But he was quick to point out that this should not, by any means, be taken as confirmation that you’ll be playing Skyrim at the dinner table on your shiny Wii U next year. Hines commented that porting a Bethesda-sized game over to another console is an awful lot of work, and requires extensive testing in multiple languages to be done right.

The more changes we have to make to a game the less and less palatable it becomes because making a game is an enormous process. Just doing 360, PS3 and PC – I don’t think people understand the amount of work that goes into that. All of the localisation you have to do… all of the testing you have to do… on every platform in every language… It’s a pretty huge undertaking.

So you aren’t just supporting the Wii U; You’re supporting it in English, French, Italian, German and Spanish.

But he finished off with the reassuring line “We’ll see. It’s definitely a possibility.” While we shouldn’t get excited just yet, the only quip we’ve heard from Bethesda before was that they’d develop for it only if it was “powerful enough” – which can only be a good sign.

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Comments, Reactions, and General Hooliganism

  1. Wildman

    I’m sold! This system will be Nintendo’s SNES of 2012.

    • Jmaster720

      Hopefully O_O”

    • Biohazard

      Yeah, me too. While I have some optimism that they will pull out of this rut they are in this year, the declining stocks and the pressure from investors to develop for smartphones is a little troubling. Lets hope the Wii U will change people’s minds after E3.

  2. BigGoof

    Around the time the Wii-U is out, there will probably be an expansion pack or 2 for Skyrim, hopefully we’ll get a bundle package of the game fully updated and expanded for regular price.
    Let it be said, let it be done!

    • DaPanda

      That would be good. I can imagine it now…
      Elder Scrolls V Skyrim + Dawnguard Expansion Pack for Wii U
      At all good retailers.

  3. Lene

    “Us being vague is definitely a possibility.”

    They talk a lot to say nearly nothing 🙁 And some parts are really difficult to understand.

    When he was talking about “different languages”, I though he was talking about programing languages. But he was talking about human languages. So a game that runs well in English, will crash if you switch the text to Italian? Is it a joke? o0″

  4. dylon

    no skyrim i what mh4g for wiiu that i think would be better