Straight Right can’t talk about their Wii U project yet

Straight Right

In an interview with NTower, Straight Right explained that they cannot talk about the Wii U project they are doing for Square Enix or any other possible Wii U titles they might have in the pipeline.

We can’t talk about what we’re working on right now, but we certainly hope to be able to develop more titles for Wii U. On the subject of Nintendo platforms, we’re also really interested in the 3DS. It’d be fun to do something there in the next year or so too

They have certainly piped my interest and the rumours are that they are working on porting Deus Ex: Human revolution. Hopefully all will be revealed soon.

Straight Right also had some interesting ideas to share about the Wii U’s current predicament.

Nintendo certainly need to sell some more Wii U’s. There’s no doubt about that. Within the next twelve months I imagine we’ll be seeing new hardware ship and then, yes, the battle lines will be drawn. Nintendo won the last round with the Wii but Sony and Microsoft will be hungry for victory this time around. It will be fascinating to see how it all unfolds. I guess, from the Nintendo perspective, we all hope that there will be some more first-party titles this year that will boost the console’s momentum. It needs to get into more homes and reach that tipping point where it becomes more viable for third party publishers and developers to invest in creating new content. I really hope that happens

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