Survey shows how many gamers want to buy the Wii 2

IGN LogoA national survey (of the US) was carried out with the intent to find out how many gamers want to purchase the Wii 2 based on everything we know about it at this stage (or at least, everything that rumours lead us to believe we know). The results were as follows:

  • 27% intend to purchase the console
  • 28% do not intend to purchase the console
  • 45% are undecided
  • 8% more women plan to purchase the console than men

I find it somewhat disappointing that close to a third of the people surveyed were outright planning to not get the system – I mean, is there anything solid to base such a decision upon at this stage? I’m willing to bet that that 28% will drop significantly once the system gets unveiled, so don’t take it as a hard indicator of how successful the Wii 2 will be.

Anyway, IGN then conducted a similar survey of their own reader base, which had noticeably more positive results:

  • 39% intend to purchase the console
  • 22% do not intend to purchase the console
  • 39% are undecided

I think the whole notion of deciding whether or not the Wii 2 is worth buying or not is ridiculous at this stage – but then again, I’m firmly set on getting my hands on the system myself next year, no matter what shape it comes in, so I guess it makes me a bit of a hypocrite to say that. As for yourself, have you made your own decision yet?

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Comments, Reactions, and General Hooliganism

  1. Sirralart RCP120

    I’ll be getting it.

  2. George Tirebiter

    The 28% comes down to 2 things:

    1. They just don’t like Nintendo.
    2. They didn’t like the Wii, and
    a.) They’re afraid it will just be “casual crud” (they haven’t been reading).
    b.) They don’t want anymore “gimmicks” (even though we have no confirmed “gimmick,” and their definition of the word is “an unnecessary feature included for the sake of having one” rather than “a selling hook.”)
    c.) They won’t support Nintendo anymore, no matter what their future plans are because they were hurt. Whether this was the Wii as a whole or E3 2008, we don’t know, but that’s the situation.

    I, too, see no value in this poll. To me, the only purpose that poll could possibly serve right now is to slander Nintendo. When we get to E3, then we can have a fair national poll.

  3. Arnar

    How can they really make a poll on whether or not people will buy something when they don’t know what it can do, what it looks like and doesn’t even have a name yet?

    I’m quite sure the average gamer and many “hardcore” ones are expecting an underpowered console with underwhelming graphics, and well yeah, a basic Wii 2.. But I’m quite sure this new console has little to do with Wii other than some sort of (advanced) motion controls, backwards compatibility and made by Nintendo.

    The “Undecided” and “Do not” group will go down by a good amount after E3 in favor of “Intend to”, I’m very positive about that.

  4. RockD79

    Those numbers are only based on a few thousand votes. When I voted yesterday i think it was around 1,600. Relatively small number and meaningless. Im still looking forward to owning another nintendo system because i don’t have to worry about replacing it three times in its life cycle like the other two.

  5. Joseph

    I don’t intend to purchase it either until i know more about the console. Just because it Nintendo and they have Zelda, don’t it’s a instant buy for me.

    • Joseph

      dosen’t mean* sorry i never read my comment before submitting it.

  6. DaimyoNintendo

    It is ridiculous but its really just a curiosity, to see how many people at this point with the little info we know will but the console. I can see what they were trying to do but Its still pointless because the people who will buy it like me base on the little info we know are Nintendo fanboys and girls. I bet the people who said they will not buy the console are not really fans of Nintendo, like some 360 owners who hate Nintendo.

  7. George Tirebiter

    Here’s a much more useful bit of info: “Wii 2” has become the #1 searched item on Yahoo (Yeah, yeah. Who still uses Yahoo? Got that out of the way? Good.) (It’s become #1 since this was put up)

    Liking or disliking of the console/Nintendo aside, it’s a popular topic of conversation right now.

  8. Mason

    How can people know whether they intend to buy it when we don’t even know its name.

  9. A Link to the Present

    I haven’t read any rumors and I want it. There is no reason not to want it.