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Japanese gamers not interested in buying the Wii U?

A survey by Goo Research in Japan has pointed towards a lack of interest in the Wii U. Of the 1083 people who they polled, only 9.4% said they wanted to buy the Wii U, 36.1% expressed interest but did not want to buy it, and the remaining 54% said they were not interested. As with […]

Survey shows how many gamers want to buy the Wii 2

A national survey (of the US) was carried out with the intent to find out how many gamers want to purchase the Wii 2 based on everything we know about it at this stage (or at least, everything that rumours lead us to believe we know). The results were as follows: 27% intend to purchase […]

Survey shows that gamers want improved motion control in Wii 2 first and foremost

IndustryGamers recently conducted a survey of their readers in which they asked gamers what they would most like to see from the Wii’s successor. The results are rather surprising, in that the majority of voters wished for improved motion controls, with awesome HD graphics and – get ready – augmented reality taking close second and […]