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DICE has ‘no plans’ for the Wii U; Battlefield 3 U is still unconfirmed

DICE, the famed studio behind the Battlefield games, has Wii U dev kits but is apparently NOT working on bringing the just-released Battlefield 3 to the system. Asked if there was any reason they would not want to bring the game to the Wii U, seeing as it is a more capable machine than the current HD twins, […]

Battlefield 3 designer thinks Wii U “will prove sceptics wrong”

Patrick Liu, the lead designer of Battlefield 3, believes that the Wii U will prove sceptics wrong, much like the Wii did. He admitted to having a low opinion of the Wii when it first launched, but was surprised at how that turned out. Nintendo has surprised us so many times before. I was one […]

EA’s Battlefield Wii U ideas

EA has been showing Nintendo a lot of love over the Wii U. They seemed to be supporting the Wii U console in full, and now EA president Frank Gibeau has shared some ideas on how one of their biggest franchises, Battlefield, could be enhanced by the Wii U’s features. What’s really going to make […]