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Codemasters share some DiRT Wii U ideas

Codemasters still haven’t announced which DiRT game will be coming to the Wii U. It could be a port of DiRT 3, a previous game, or a new addition in the  series. However, game designer Paul Coleman still had some ideas to share on how the Wii U could enhance the rally racing game franchise.

Rumour: UK racing studio commits to annual Wii U projects

There’s a rumour floating around claiming that “a prominent UK racing studio has committed to support Wii U with one project each year.” Who this developer may be is anyone’s guess, but current speculation indicates Sumo Digital (F1 2011, Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing) and Codemasters (DiRT, Race Driver) as possibilities. A DiRT game was announced for the […]

Codemasters CEO confirms F1 for Wii U, talks Wii U price

Codemasters, renowned for their racing games, are already working on a Wii U entry in the Dirt series. But their other big racer, Formula 1, will be making its way to the system, too, if Rod Cousen’s words from an interview are anything to go by. He didn’t reveal any specifics, but teased that “[they] […]