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The Wii U won’t play DVD’s or Blu-ray discs

I don’t think anyone expected the Wii U to be compatible with DVD’s and Blu-ray discs, seeing as the Wii and GameCube both skipped out on DVD support, but we now have official confirmation from Nintendo that the console doesn’t support them. The reason for this is that the Wii U uses a proprietary disc […]

Iwata confirms that the Wii U doesn’t play DVD’s or Blu-ray discs

Iwata found the time to meet up with his investors even through the E3 craze, and Nintendo have posted a transcript of the meeting online. In it, Iwata confirmed that the Wii U will feature neither DVD nor Blu-ray playback because you probably already have something that plays them. Wii U does not have DVD […]

Nintendo may consider DVD/Blu-ray playback for Wii 2

A Nintendo customer service representative claims to have submitted a request for DVD playback in the Wii to a “record of feedback.” Might we finally see the feature surface in the Wii’s successor?