The Wii U won’t play DVD’s or Blu-ray discs

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I don’t think anyone expected the Wii U to be compatible with DVD’s and Blu-ray discs, seeing as the Wii and GameCube both skipped out on DVD support, but we now have official confirmation from Nintendo that the console doesn’t support them.

The reason for this is that the Wii U uses a proprietary disc format that renders it incompatible with your movie collection – an anti-piracy and cost-saving measure that they’ve used since the GameCube.

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Comments, Reactions, and General Hooliganism


    I get it how it’s cost saving, but how does it solve anti-piracy?

    • Gwelch

      It should solve piracy, as no dvd burner can read the disk.

    • BigBoss

      I will make it harder for someone to burn a copy of the game. Mainstream formats are pirated cause they are easy to do but proprietary formats can still be done but much harder to do. I hope that helps. I feel like I confused myself.

  2. Pelu

    I think it’s ok because most people have a DVD player these days and I don’t know but.. if you can afford a Wii U then of course you could have the money to buy one o.o IMO

  3. Well, I wasn’t at all expecting Nintendo to allow DVD and Blu-Ray playback anyway.
    If it’s to help keep costs down, then I’m fine with it.
    Nintendo is games, and games only. Anything else is not required.

  4. Blaine

    In my opinion this is dumb. An anti-piracy measure they have used since the gamecube. This implies that the gamecube is fucking out of date. Considering piracy is rampant on nintendo products, I don’t see the logic in using the same approach. And, on a side note, I don’t wish to see what they have to offer if it can’t play better games then the xbox 360.

    • N_S

      The diamond buttonmap has been used since the SNES and is on most consoles today. Because it was on the SNES, that makes it outdated, right? If you don’t wish to see what this console has to offer, which objectively to some are games better than the offerings of the XBox 360, why are you at a Wii U news site?

    • Deuce

      @NS That’s…not really the same thing. But even so, Blaine’s argument still doesn’t make any sense. The anti-piracy measure isn’t even the same thing for both consoles.

  5. uPadWatcher

    I already got a Blu-Ray home theater system. I’m glad that Nintendo is a gaming system. At least their new console will be adding Netflix and a possible Hulu add-on to its app.

  6. crackkat

    who doesnt have a DVD player in their home? even if its built into another device, everyone already has one, smart move nintendo 😀 (although this is old news)

  7. Rocco Loria

    Fair enough. Anyways everything is digital download nowdays, what do you need real solid media formats for anyways?

  8. StigtriX

    No need for DVD or BD support. If you are interested in either, you have the players needed already. This will keep the cost down as Nintendo won’t have to pay license fees.

  9. igame2012

    digital distribution is the future anyway so this isnt that important

  10. Cole

    Still wondering what possible disc format Nintendo will use on their upcoming system? I have a very good guess; may I present my evidence (albeit a wikipedia link) to the jury. Reintroducing “holographic storage”, after being invented so so long ago:

    “… disclosure is herein made that the claimed invention was made pursuant to a Joint Research Agreement as defined in 35 U.S.C. 103 (c)(3), that was in effect on or before the date the claimed invention was made, and as a result of activities undertaken within the scope of the Joint Research Agreement, by or on the behalf of Nintendo Co., and InPhase Technologies, Inc.” –

    InPhase Techologies being invested in holographic data storage technology

    you’re welcome 😀

    • SSL

      Well actually, it’s using a propriety Disc format, that’s already been confirmed.

    • Cole

      Holographic memory is a disc format

  11. RockD79

    I’m fine with this. I already own one blu ray and apparently will get a 2nd when the Xbox arrives. If its gonna keep the licensing costs out of my wallet I’m all for it. With a 25GB disc it’s hard not wonder if it’s really a blu disc with a special touch anyways.

  12. Tails the Foxhound

    So is it just like the GCN and Wii where they were mini-DVDs & DVDs produced by Nintendo (with Wii U using Blu-Ray), or is it some brand new format (like that new holographic data that wikipedia says they’re working on).

  13. Deuce

    This is of no concern for two reasons: The computer I’m using to write this comment already has a DVD player, my TV already has a pure DVD player connected to it, and it also has my PS3 (you can guess what this has) connected. It goes without saying, but I don’t need another DVD player. The second reason is that even if playing DVDs are important, it doesn’t matter much now, since video streaming takes care of the need for DVDs anyway.

    • igame2012

      i agree . personally unless its a smaller bluray player the systems kindof get in the way anyway

  14. head in hands gamer

    and why would anyone think otherwise im seriously surrounded by backward inbred freak people

    off course it wont thats obvious to every sane person on earth “””LIKE TO SEE PS3 X360 STREAM DATA INTO MEMORY LIKE A Wii U””””” just saying = commonsense

  15. Jenetty72

    I’ve heard the new format for wii-U is so proprietary it won’t even play Wii-U games.You just put your scratched discs inside and it makes them shiny and good as new.

    But seriously now,Nintendo consoles were never multimedia-focused,so this is not in the least surprising.Let’s hope the new disc format has enough capacity though.

    • F0

      A single-layered Wii U disc can hold up to 25 GB – that’s plenty enough capacity, if you ask me. Skyrim clocked in at just under 5 GB, and most games are around 8-12 GB or so from what I see.