‘Legend of Paper Zelda’ for Wii U listed by a Swedish retailer

The Swedish retailer Cdon has put up a listing for a Wii U game by the name of ‘Legend of Paper Zelda’. This is actually the second time we’ve had a Swedish retailer list something odd – the first was when Webhallen started taking pre-orders for the Wii U back when we still referred to it by its codename, Project Café.

I’m 90% sure this Paper Zelda listing is fake, but it’s a slow news day and it’ll make for a good discussion point. How would you feel if Zelda and Link were re-imagined in cutout 2D form, à la Paper Mario?

Via: Zelda Universe

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Comments, Reactions, and General Hooliganism

  1. Joseph

    Aww hell naw!

  2. Andodel

    I’d fell more obligated to buy it, with how much I love the Paper Mario series.

  3. Jmaster720

    Gotta admit I’d buy it it looks awesome but I want realistic zelda too!
    anyone agree 🙂

  4. Mariomaster1

    Nice, I suppose I would rent it……and maybe buy it if I liked it enough. But this game is probably not happening.

  5. abbe

    Wow, sweden is starting to embarras me. Putting up a game that is just a rumor. But the pic was indeed awesome 😛

  6. jabajabu

    tired of people obsessing over zelda… everyone loves it, possibly the most loved nintendo franchise, but the love for it is getting old. its a fun game, but let paper be reserved for mario… btw zelda is awesome

  7. George Tirebiter

    I remember seeing this listed as a rumored game for the anniversary to be announced @ E3 2011. I don’t believe this actually exists, but I do like the art that resulted from the rumor.

  8. K

    Probably fake… hey, there’s a Goomba in the corner. Would be cool if it was real, of course.

    • F0

      That’s only a filler image from deviantART I used to illustrate the article. Of course it’s not real.

  9. I say, save any experimental Zelda games on Wii U for the NEXT Wii U Zelda game–I want that gorgeous realistic HD Zelda! Just take something closer to the Ocarina of Time style, and spruce it up like that Zelda HD demo we saw at E3. My two cents

  10. WiiU

    I LOVE paper mario, so why not paper zelda???

  11. The One Who Wrote This

    It would be cool if they had this game, but if I had to choose between the HD Zelda shown at the E3 and this, I would choose the HD. But if they released both, then DOUBLE YAY!!

    • F0

      But Paper Zelda could be in HD (and gorgeous at that)! 😛

      I’m just kidding. I know which Zelda demo you’re referring to. I would love to see both, too.