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Wii U not meant to outpower PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360

While our image of the Wii U’s exact tech specs is still rather vague, Miyamoto dropped the bomb in an interview with GameSpot that Nintendo is not aiming to crush the competition with vastly superior graphics, citing price as the reason they’re once again going to sell the Wii U on its unique controller instead. […]

Sega pegs Wii U for spring/summer 2012 launch

Sega’s Alan Pritchard said in an interview with GameSpot about Sonic Generations (which he also deconfirmed for the Wii U) that Nintendo’s new console is coming to store shelves in either the spring or summer of 2012. If anything, this fits with everything we’ve heard about the system’s release date so far, including Iwata’s statement […]

Touchscreen controller confirmed, to be usable as a standalone device?

Arguably the most prominent rumour about the Wii’s successor has been that of a touchscreen-enabled controller. Nikkei, a well-known source of accurate leaks in the past, has “confirmed” that the Wii 2’s controller will, in fact, actually feature that six-inch touchscreen. And while it wasn’t said directly, a further statement seems to imply that the […]