Touchscreen controller confirmed, to be usable as a standalone device?

A fantastic mockup of what the controller might look like, by Jade Doel.

Arguably the most prominent rumour about the Wii’s successor has been that of a touchscreen-enabled controller. Nikkei, a well-known source of accurate leaks in the past, has “confirmed” that the Wii 2’s controller will, in fact, actually feature that six-inch touchscreen.

And while it wasn’t said directly, a further statement seems to imply that the controller will double as a standalone portable gaming device, too.

Nintendo aims to attract more users by offering a console that doubles as a portable game system.

Even though it’s from a reliable source, this news still isn’t coming from Nintendo themselves, so take it with a grain of salt. But at this point, we’ve heard so much about that touchscreen controller that I’d be more surprised if it wasn’t revealed than if it was.

(via GameSpot)

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Comments, Reactions, and General Hooliganism

  1. DigtialGreenTea

    Wow, somehow I knew this rumor was true. Wait… I remember like a year ago, I was dreaming playing something on a controller with a screen on it… I can dream to the future O.O

    • F0

      Quick, did the console look like a Windows 7 box?

      I’m just teasing, heh. 😛

    • DigtialGreenTea

      Can’t remember 🙁

  2. George Tirebiter

    So here’s the double-edged sword this provides:

    If they do make it functional outside the home, it will take money away from the 3DS. Some people won’t feel compelled to own that when this can provide better graphics despite the communication features of the 3DS.

    If they don’t make it functional outside the home, Transfarring will stand unopposed and Nintendo will be criticized for not doing what Sony does.

    I’d like to see how they can pull this off at E3. I really would.

    • F0

      Just looked up “transfarring,” and it seems really interesting. Though I should note that’s Hideo Kojima’s invention, not Sony’s.

      I’m thinking that they’re gonna try to keep the 3DS in the game here – perhaps we’ll see a transfarring-like feature to sync game progress to that, while the Wii 2 controller itself will be for use strictly inside the home.

      If the controller itself has its own processing hardware inside it, they might as well just use the 3DS as a controller, or risk cannibalizing their own handheld market.

    • George Tirebiter

      I know Kojima invented it, but that was also in Sony’s plans when announcing the NGP in January. They’re both on the same page, so critics might as well say Nintendo wouldn’t be following Sony’s lead in that situation. It’s exclusive to their system at the moment.

      I’m glad you agree that the threat of the Café controller taking over the 3DS market outweighs the risk of not allowing it to work outside the home and giving Sony/Kojima a “Nintendon’t” to tout about.

  3. bram

    Well its stil a controller.
    I think you need a wireless connection with the console (by example with blutooth) so you need to connect it with the console to play (even if the console is in sleepmode).

    And i don’t think that nintendo is making games specifik for the controller. They make games for the console and you can play futher/ the controller has ad ons.

    Its totaly different then a handheld.

  4. Xrayz Reactionz

    Maybe it will be like the psp and ps3 new setup play the game on the wii2 and when your out and about you can play it on the controller with saves being streamed seamlessly.

  5. SteveDOF

    A fully portable handset is unlikely. Think of the cost. More probably it will be “portable”, but have a limited roam area, within 30 meters or so of the base unit.

    As I understand it, “Transfaring” only synchs game saves over several devices, you would still have to buy the games for each device. There is no reason why Nintendo could not implement this with the Cafe and 3DS.

    • F0

      As I noted in my reply to George Tirebiter above, I think that’s what it’s ultimately going to end up being. The controller for streaming games within the home, and the 3DS for taking them outside.

  6. RockD79

    Can’t wait till Tuesday. I’m hoping that Nintendo drops the name and the logo tonight to start the hype. Something to hold us over through the weekend at least. They did it with the Wii if I recall.

    • F0

      They didn’t do it with the 3DS, but I’ve got my eyes glued to their press site, just in case. 😉

    • George Tirebiter

      We did know the name 3DS since March 2010. Both that and the Wii announcement were months before E3, so I doubt we’ll be getting the same treatment pre-conference. When Microsoft were announcing the name Kinect, they had an event scheduled, and Nintendo doesn’t have an event on Sunday or Monday.

      We’ll just have to wait it out this time. Sorry.

  7. SteveDOF

    Perhaps the controller could be modular? With an “extra” plug-in pack, sold separately, that supplies the necessary processing power for true portability?

    • F0

      Eh…then the Wii 2 controller would start encroaching on the 3DS’s territory. I’m absolutely sure Nintendo doesn’t want that to happen.

  8. zxride64

    I think it will be similar to this video i saw before while i was on youtube. I bet the controller needs to be in a certain range from this to work, this will be good for me as my sister always scream about watch tv while i play my games.

  9. DaimyoNintendo

    I know its going to happen but I am going to dislike the fact that is going to be a standard def screen tacked on to the controller, and not HD. Fingers crossed its not a DS fat screen. But if it looks nearly as good as the 3DS, I wont have an issue.

  10. joshua dale poss news story

    couple of stories

    firstly a quote from gametrailers editor in cheif shane satterfield

    “I have kind of heard some things through the grapevine there is going to be some big third-party announcements for Nintendo’s new console at the show, there’s no doubt about that.”

    from the latest invisble walls podcast

    secondly there is further “evidence” to point to a mario title for cafes launch

  11. Sab_Mas

    Did you guys read the full article or did you just not bother to register and read the whole thing? They explain quite clearly what they meant by ‘portable’.


    ‘The new controller has an approximately 6-inch touch panel built in. It also has two rechargeable batteries inside and when the TV cannot be used it [the controller] can be used LIKE a portable gaming system. When used as a standard console, you can, for example, trace the screen with your finger and make a character move on the TV screen. ‘

    Everyone happy now?

    • Sab_Mas

      Oops, sorry, should be one rechargeable battery, not two. Point still stands.