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Wii U launch lineup to be “pretty damn good”

Today on GameTrailers, in an episode of Invisible Walls, the Wii U’s third-party support became a topic of discussion, with Shane Shatterfield, the publication’s editor-in-chief, saying: One thing that I can say without getting in any trouble is that the launch line-up for the Wii U is going to surprise people. It’s going to be pretty […]

Watch the complete Legend of Zelda tech demo

At E3, Nintendo showed off a stunning tech demo of Link battling a giant spider in addition to the well-known Japanese Garden demo. The fine folks at GameTrailers managed to capture the entire thing and upload it to the web for all of us to see. Here it is:   It’s absolutely fantastic.

Expect “big” third-party announcements for Project Café

Shane Satterfield, GameTrailers’ Editor-in-Chief, says he’s heard that there will be lots of third-party titles announced for Project Café. I have kind of heard some things through the grapevine there is going to be some big third-party announcements for Nintendo’s new console at the show, there’s no doubt about that. Awesome third-party support is one […]