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New Ghost Recon Online trailer details the Specialist Class

A new trailer has been released detailing the Specialist Class in the upcoming Ghost Recon Online game for the Wii U and PC. The specialist will be able to wield machine guns or shot guns and will have unique tech skills. Check it out below.

Ubisoft looking forward to seeing what they can do with the Wii U

In an interview with CVG, series director Theo Sanders said that though he could not reveal any specific details, they were looking forward to seeing what they could do with the Wii U version of Ghost Recon Online. Our focus has been entirely on delivering a great launch on PC. Achieving that has been an […]

The Wii U controller “resonated” with Ubisoft

It’s no secret that Ubisoft love the Wii U. But while you might be quick to dismiss this as corporate excitement at getting another platform to pump heaps of shovelware out on, Ubisoft’s Hugues Ricour proves that the company truly sees potential in the new console. The new controller especially resonated with us – for […]

Ghost Recon Online – “Recon Class” Trailer

Ubisoft released a trailer for Ghost Recon Online focusing on the game’s Recon class. Watch it after the break!

Ghost Recon Online trailer explains the game’s three classes

A new trailer released by Ubisoft talks us through the three classes that feature in the upcoming video game Ghost Reacon Online. The three classes that will feature in the game are: Assault, Specialist, and Recon. Ghost Recon Online is set to release on the PC and the Wii U.