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The Killer Freaks team didn’t see a Wii U controller until the day before E3

  Guillaume Brunier, a Ubisoft producer, shared that the team working on Killer Freaks From Outer Space did not even see the Wii U controller until the day before E3! The Killer Freaks team worked with the early Wii U dev kits before E3, but even we hadn’t seen the actual device until a day before […]

Ubisoft: Wii U makes FPSs easier to control

While speaking to N-Gamer, Guillaume Brunier has said that the Wii U’s controller will make it easier for players to turn around in first person shooter games. Ubisoft’s Wii U FPS, Killer Freaks From Outer Space will take advantage of the controller’s accelerometer feature. “We’ve used the accelerometer feature,” explained Brunier. “If you move very fast […]