The Killer Freaks team didn’t see a Wii U controller until the day before E3


Killer Freaks From Outer Space

Guillaume Brunier, a Ubisoft producer, shared that the team working on Killer Freaks From Outer Space did not even see the Wii U controller until the day before E3!

The Killer Freaks team worked with the early Wii U dev kits before E3, but even we hadn’t seen the actual device until a day before the show.

I’m not sure what to be more impressed by – Nintendo’s absolute secrecy with the device, even towards one of their largest third-party supporters; or the fact that Ubisoft pulled off one heck of a show with the hardware. Either way, they deserve some major props for this.

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Comments, Reactions, and General Hooliganism

  1. Biohazard

    It could also explain why the presenters had a hard time playing the demo during Nintendo’s developer roundtable. I had a terrible feeling the Wii U tablet controller may be difficult even though it’s very early.

    • Deuce

      They didn’t have a hard time with the controller, and it’s because they didn’t that’s why their roundtable was so laudable.

  2. Oh wow LOL.

  3. Sparkymoreno

    rolls up newspaper* Bad Nintendo! No! Bad Bad Nintendo!!

  4. SSL

    They must’ve had a version with some sort of Tablet beforehand, that multiplayer mode didn’t just pop out of thin air.

  5. Captainhowdy

    That’s pretty good. I hope this game turns out well.