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Dragon Quest X beta releases in Japan to a few problems

Dragon Quest X Wii U, the MMORPG which is set to release in Japan on the 30th March seems to have encountered a few problems. Apparently, Japanese gamers who have been trying to access the newly released beta on the Wii U have been faced with an error message instead. It is said to be due to […]

Japanese gamers not interested in buying the Wii U?

A survey by Goo Research in Japan has pointed towards a lack of interest in the Wii U. Of the 1083 people who they polled, only 9.4% said they wanted to buy the Wii U, 36.1% expressed interest but did not want to buy it, and the remaining 54% said they were not interested. As with […]

Famitsu readers share what Wii U games they want

The Japanese gaming magazine, Famitsu has polled its readers to find out their opinions on the Wii U. When asked what game series they most wanted to come to the system, Zelda came out tops with Super Mario Bros coming in second. They were then asked which of the announced games were they most interested in, with Smash […]

Xseed: The Wii U “demonstration was very impressive”

Recently I have wiling away the hours on my DS playing Solatorobo: Red the Hunter. What has that got to do with anything, you ask? Well, Xseed, the company responsible for publishing said game when it hits North American shelves this fall, have shared their views on the Wii U. Xseed, for those who don’t […]