Japanese gamers not interested in buying the Wii U?

A survey by Goo Research in Japan has pointed towards a lack of interest in the Wii U. Of the 1083 people who they polled, only 9.4% said they wanted to buy the Wii U, 36.1% expressed interest but did not want to buy it, and the remaining 54% said they were not interested.

As with all research of this kind, the statistics should be taken with a pinch of salt. 1083 is hardly a representative of gamers in Japan. The Wii U also has a long way to go before it is released so it’s not surprising that 36.1% were interested but didn’t want to buy. But nonetheless, it’s encouraging to see such a high number that are at least interested in Nintendo’s next home console.

However, polls like this are relevant as they do indicate that Nintendo have a lot of work to do when it comes to convincing people to take interest in their new console. The full results are after the break.

  •  less than 10% said they wanted to buy a Wii U
  •  audience surveyed was about 53% male
  •  16.3% were in their teens
  •  18.2% in their twenties
  •  21.9% in their thirties
  •  16.3% in their forties
  •  27.3% were fifty or older
  •  64% of them owned a games machine
  •  62% of the 694 game owners had a DS
  •  5.7% had a Wii
  •  specifically, 9.4% said they wanted to buy a Wii U
  •  36.1% said they didn’t want to buy, but were interested
  • 54.5% said they weren’t interested

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Comments, Reactions, and General Hooliganism

  1. Michael

    Its hard to tell as of now as no one knows the official price or any details of the system or games. its hard to know if you want to buy something that you don’t know much about.

  2. I think once they actually see it in action, this poll will change for the better.

  3. dylon

    the system will be priced around 300 350 but there wont be a price drop because of that it was 450


    how could the opinion of 1000 people be considered relevant?

  5. smashmaster95

    This poll is the least relevant poll I’ve ever seen. Almost half of the people surveyed are 40+, who clearly never played videogames before since 36% never owned a game system. Plus the fact that only 5.7% percent had a Wii and that almost half the people interviewed were women show that they’re not interviewing the right type of people.

  6. Andy

    Their surveying Japan for home console interest? Everyone knows that home consoles are all but irrelevant in Japan! It’s handhelds that the Japanese go crazy for! If you want to do a survey for home console interest, do it in a western country.

  7. julius

    the same thing happen in my place when the wii was release everyone was killing for a wii its even sold out everywere and we have to wait a month so they send more wii

  8. zxride64

    They also did the same with the Vita, and there is low interest in it as well.

  9. Captainhowdy

    There’s hardly any information for the Wii U. Next year it may change.

  10. Jenetty72

    Bring on a new Zelda HD at E3 2012 Nintendo,then watch the 9.4% who said they wanted to buy the Wii U turn into 94% 😀