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First trailer & gameplay footage of Epic Mickey 2 to be revealed next week?

GameTrailers have booked some exclusive time with Junction Point and Warren Spector, and there’s a good chance that Epic Mickey 2 will be a major focus of their next episode, which airs on March 22. GTTV will have the world exclusive reveal trailer and first gameplay anywhere of Warren Spector’s next yet-to-be-announced game. It’s going to […]

Is Epic Mickey 2 coming to the Wii U?

The Twitter user @supererogatory claims to have heard that Junction Point are working on “implementing Wii U support for Epic Mickey 2“, the followup to 2010’s well-received Wii game. It’s currently unclear whether this refers to a discrete Wii U version of the game, or a singular Wii game that supports the Wii U’s tablet […]