First trailer & gameplay footage of Epic Mickey 2 to be revealed next week?

Epic Mickey

GameTrailers have booked some exclusive time with Junction Point and Warren Spector, and there’s a good chance that Epic Mickey 2 will be a major focus of their next episode, which airs on March 22.

GTTV will have the world exclusive reveal trailer and first gameplay anywhere of Warren Spector’s next yet-to-be-announced game. It’s going to be …notably significant.

Hardly anything is known about Epic Mickey 2, but it’s more likely than not Spector’s current project, and the above blurb – especially the last two words – seem to really be hinting at it. There’s a chance the game might come to the Wii U, although this has yet to be confirmed by an official source. Hopefully, we’ll find out next week!

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  1. Can’t wait.

  2. ddddd

    This site could use some updates XD. The game is confirmed for current gen consoles, no word of a wiiu version yet

    • We’ll have more regular updates shortly. No worries.

  3. I’m thinking about getting this game.

  4. dylon

    lol ive already seen the trailer you need to add it

  5. BigN_Fanboy

    SWEET!!!But of course Micheal Pachcter will insult it.

  6. So excited for the game!

  7. DUDE!!!

    Site needs updates…. ;D

    • Zetger

      Ya. This site is almost death D:

  8. Chuck

    Dead site?

    • Nope, we’re back in business.
      Sorry for our brief hiatus.

  9. hooray for games

    I wish they would have kept it exclusive for nintendo. Why would someone get a wii/wiiu if they already have a ps3/xbox 360? I think Nintendo lost an important exclusive game.