Is Epic Mickey 2 coming to the Wii U?

Epic Mickey

The Twitter user @supererogatory claims to have heard that Junction Point are working on “implementing Wii U support for Epic Mickey 2“, the followup to 2010’s well-received Wii game. It’s currently unclear whether this refers to a discrete Wii U version of the game, or a singular Wii game that supports the Wii U’s tablet controller.

This same user previously brought us a small morsel of information about the shooting of the Wii U promo videos shown at E3 2011.

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Comments, Reactions, and General Hooliganism

  1. RockD79

    This seems logical. After seeing Warren on the E3 reel I think this is almost guaranteed. The same goes for Kevin and Bioshock. Keeping my fingers crossed.

  2. DigitalGreenTea

    I liked the first one, so it would be nice to have the sequel on on the Wii U.

  3. Johnny

    How would a Wii game be able to use the Wii U tablet? And if it could wouldn’t that almost defeat the point in the Wii U?

    • crackkat

      nah it doesnt defeat the point of wii u cos the wii u is about online, hd, and new controller, and old controllers. using wii motes wouldnt defeat the point of wii u

    • crackkat

      never mind i just got what u mean, never mind

    • Super Rock

      Actually it wouldn’t. What they proposing is that a developer could develop a wii game that has extra functionality if it is played on a Wii U (next gen) device instead of the wii (current gen). The functionality may just be as simple as the game switching from TV screen to Wii U tablet screen, or as complex as hiding additional content in the game that can only be accessed when it is being accessed by the Wii U.
      Since the WII U is backward compatible, this would serve two purposes: 1) The wii has a much larger install base, whilst the WII U will have a relatively new user base. So by combining the package, the game will have a much better chance of reaching a larger audience in a cost effective medium.
      2) provide an alternative game style and content for WII U owners whilst preserving a core game experience for wii owners. This way wii owners can upgrade their console to the WII U and get a new experience whilst playing the same game (see the super mario Mii game on WII U for reference).
      But just to be clear, just because a wii game can be used on the WII U Tablet does not mean the wii (current gen) can use the WII U tablet also.

  4. igame2012

    ive heard good things about the 1st game so this sounds like good news to me . hope fully it happens


    1st game was rubbish no proper use of wii remote and chuck no wii remote camera, they shoehorned ps2 like controls into the wii controls instead of building a wii game like they said they were from the start..

    give us wm plus and a proper pointer camera and a touch screen option to mimmick a wii remote and chuck via the wii u pad and a classic pad or wii u pad type deal too but innovate and make things cool….hardcore does not mean out dated clunky controls… and cam !

  6. Agent000

    If this game fixes the camera/controls, and is ACTUALLY as dark and creepy as the first one was supposed to be, this could be a really good game. On the other hand, Disney Co. could step in again and make the game “child-friendly”, essentially taking out any trace of uniqueness the game had going for it. 😛