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What it will be like to control the xenomorphs

We’ve recently had footage of what Aliens: Colonial Marines multiplayer will be like but the footage was very much focused on the marines’ point of view. What about playing as those deadly alien xenomorphs? CVG‘s preview of the game mentioned that aliens are played from the third person view and that there is a class system […]

Aliens: Colonial Marines multiplayer video

Gearbox have previously mentioned that multiplayer is a “big deal” for them so it’s great to finally get some idea of what the multiplayer will be like. The game’s multiplayer modes will feature ‘Team Deathmatch’ which will focus on humans Vs. aliens. The video preview is from the human point of view.

Multiplayer is “a big deal” for Aliens: Colonial Marines

Randy Pitchford, the CEO of Gearbox Software – who are currently developing Aliens: Colonial Marines – spoke on the studio’s approach to the game’s multiplayer modes in an interview with the official PlayStation Blog, explaining that it’s a major focal point of the game’s development. Multiplayer is a big deal for us. It’s getting a huge […]