What it will be like to control the xenomorphs

We’ve recently had footage of what Aliens: Colonial Marines multiplayer will be like but the footage was very much focused on the marines’ point of view. What about playing as those deadly alien xenomorphs?

CVG‘s preview of the game mentioned that aliens are played from the third person view and that there is a class system for xenomorphs as well the marines.

In a recent interview, Gearbox’s Chris Brock explained why they had chosen a third person perspective for the aliens:

We feel it’s key to keep the xenomorph player’s perspective in third person. Xenos have to be sneaky and agile, so the wall and ceiling climbing is a necessity. That said, playing in that style, in first person, can be quite disorienting.

When asked what type of attacks and abilities the xenomorphs would have in multiplayer gameplay Brock replied:

Awesome ones! Xenomorphs are obviously much more agile than their human counterparts, so they’re very quick and have the ability to maneuver about on walls and ceilings. As you’ve seen before, every part of a xenomorph is dangerous, from their claws and tails to their “little mouths” and acidic blood. They have a wide variety of ways to attack the marines.

Hopefully more footage showing off multiplayer gameplay from the xenomorph perspective will be on its way soon. Click here to check out the ideas Gearbox Software had for the Wii U controller last year.

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  1. Captainhowdy

    Interesting. I’m hoping this turns out good, there’s hasn’t been a good Aliens game in awhile.