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Patent shows how Wii Remote and Wii U will interact?

A patent has surfaced (tracked down by our friends at Nintendo Life) showing how the Wii U controller might interact with the Wii Remote. The example shown in the patent is that the two characters on the TV screen is being threatened by an enemy. Using the Wii Remote you can grab the character off […]

Patent for a Wii U controller cradle

It appears that Nintendo might have filed a patent for a cradle for the Wii U. It looks like it might work similarly to the Nintendo 3DS charging cradle and could be used to charge the controller when not in use. It is unknown whether this will be an actual device as many patents are […]

Nintendo filed patents for 3D/HD display for controller

It seems that Nintendo weren’t only interested in 3D for their newest handheld, but also for the Wii U. Patents filed in September 2011 by the company talk about how the MD (mobile display), in other words the controller screen, may have a 3D display. The patent also hints at 3D output to an SD (standard display) […]

Three mysterious patents for Wii Remote add-ons

It seems that Nintendo may have more planned for the Wii Remote than just a longer life span. A couple of weeks ago, three patents for Wii Remote add-ons were revealed to the public: two that expand on the infrared functionality of the controller, and one that changes its use altogether. The first patent, and […]

Nintendo file a patent for a “massively single-player online game”

Nintendo have acquired a new patent for a “massively single-player online game” experience. The patent document’s description is rather vague, but the basic premise of the concept is that it allows many people to play online and affect each other’s experiences without directly interacting with each other, as is the case in a massively multiplayer […]

Wii U controller has its own flash memory, magnetic sensor, and other components we didn’t know about

A recently filed patent for the Wii U’s controller reveals a few hardware elements we didn’t know about. Most notably, the controller – which is said to be completely dependent on the Wii U console – appears to have built-in flash memory. The amount of this memory is unknown, which means it could be for […]

“Wii Light” patent reveals a forbidden living room dance party

A curious new patent reveals an equally confounding accessory that may be on its way into the Wii’s successor.