Patent shows how Wii Remote and Wii U will interact?

A patent has surfaced (tracked down by our friends at Nintendo Life) showing how the Wii U controller might interact with the Wii Remote. The example shown in the patent is that the two characters on the TV screen is being threatened by an enemy. Using the Wii Remote you can grab the character off the screen and drop it into the Wii U controller and to safety.

This is a very interesting concept and hopefully it will be one of the features that the Wii U will have.

How do you think this type of functionality could be implemented in a video game?

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Comments, Reactions, and General Hooliganism

  1. NXT88

    This is an interesting concept!

  2. Deuce

    I liked how everybody couldn’t think of anything else besides “extra HUD screen”. Severe underestimation of the many ideas behind the controller, everyone has. The potential is even larger in conjunction with the Wii Remote and other devices. Why is it so hard for people to see that.

    • N_S

      If you’re not a game developer, you should become one.

    • cnc machine operator

      lol @ that statement so true ubisoft being the prime example and im getting sick of this “”OBVIOUS LACK OF TALENT AND EFFORT BY 3RD PARTY’S””

      they didn’t embrace the wii remote etc and the same will happen again they seem only interested in z list scripts and and actors what ether have to do with gaming i still haven’t worked out ,and the gaming journalists that support and advertise on there behalf instead of reporting independently is shocking ,,max pain 3s reviews again show this industry worship..

      it looks like gta it plays like gta it has more cut scenes than gameplay and every review talks about ACTORS AND PRODUCTION VALUES not gaming or game play or innovation or controls

      then you go into forums and all the max pain fans HATE THE GAME this has to stop there destroying gaming, within 5 seconds of watching max pain game play i thought i was watching gta everything down to the textures colours and char actor movement was blanently ripped straight out of GTA ,,,it was max pain by name only

      and how can a game you watch not play get 9 in a review score i buy sonic i play sonic i buy mario i play mario

      i buy said generic so called core game i watch cut seen movies SO WHERES THE GAME I PURCHASED

      no mention of this in MP3 reviews yet every forum is screaming theres more cut seens than there is a game

      simply doing this and offering a second screen for inventory screen or remote play on the wiiu pad and not building games for the wii u is a sad situation

  3. Super Rock

    I can see this already working in a first person mode on the WiiU version of Luigi’s Mansion. Where the wiimote is used to catch the ghosts and the user drags the ghost to the tablet like a trap (a la Ghost busters). The wiimote would vibrate when ghost are caught whilst the nunchuck would be used to move the character around. The Tablet would also offer up another twist on the game play. Not only used to trap the ghost but could also be used to control the professor who provided Luigi with he’s gear in a tablet only game. A sort of mix between pikmin and Banjoe & Kazooie game where the professor finds components and build new items with it. Then passes it on the Luigi as an upgrade. This mode would only exist on the tablet and can be played autonomously from the main game. Just a thought

  4. Very interesting concept. That sounds like something useful for some unique real-time strategy games!