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Renegade Kid game on the Wii U “is possible”

Renegade Kid, who are responsible for the first person shooter Dementium: The Ward for DS and Mutant Mudds for the 3DS, have said that a title from them on the Wii U is a possibility. In an interview with Nintendo Enthusiast, creative director Jools Watsham, said “it is possible” when questioned about the possibility of a Wii U […]

Jools Watsham has faith in the Wii U

During an interview about Renegade Kid’s latest game, Mutant Mudds, the Wii U came up; and Jools Watsham, the studio’s founder, shared his thoughts on it: I was able to check it out at E3 last year, but we have not signed up as a developer yet. We’ve been too busy with the 3DS! I […]