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The next 3D Mario and Mario Kart to be at E3 2013

In the last Nintendo Direct, Satoru Iwata announced that the next 3D Mario platformer from Nintendo EAD and the next Mario Kart will be playable at E3 2013 in June. No further information was given on the subject.

Four more Wii games are dropping to $20 on August 28th

Super Mario Galaxy, Super Paper Mario, Mario Strikers Charged, and Punch-Out!! are being inducted into the Nintendo Selects collection on August 28th.

Super Mario Café to be shown at E3?

CVG claims to have heard word that Nintendo’s going to be showing off another Mario game that isn’t Super Mario 3DS at E3, quite possibly one for the Wii’s successor. They speculate that it may be a new Super Mario Galaxy title, but that’s just their own guess. But we’ve also heard another little whisper […]