Super Mario Café to be shown at E3?

Mario riding Yoshi

Super Mario Sunshine skipped the GameCube's launch, but still served as a novel display of the new hardware. Might we see Mario launch Project Café?

CVG claims to have heard word that Nintendo’s going to be showing off another Mario game that isn’t Super Mario 3DS at E3, quite possibly one for the Wii’s successor. They speculate that it may be a new Super Mario Galaxy title, but that’s just their own guess.

But we’ve also heard another little whisper from our Ninty sources – that Super Mario 3DS won’t be the only new Mario title to be shown off in Los Angeles. Could we be looking at a Super Mario Galaxy for the next, next generation?

I’d peg this one as “likely,” because if there’s one fact that has been proven time and time again over the years, it’s that Mario sets the hype machine into overdrive. The NES’s and SNES’s success can largely be attributed to the fact that there was an epic new Mario adventure ready to play, right out of the box. And while it didn’t turn out to be a pack-in, Super Mario 64 in large defined the Nintendo 64’s launch, and served as a technical showpiece for the system’s new analog control stick and graphical prowess back when it was first revealed.

But Nintendo skipped out on having Mario there right out of the gate with the GameCube and Wii – we had to wait for about a year to see those systems’ first Mario platformers appear. Could Nintendo perhaps be planning to return to selling new hardware with Mario as its face?

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Comments, Reactions, and General Hooliganism

  1. George Tirebiter

    I’d put money on a Mario game being a launch title for Café as it’s been proven that Luigi can’t handle one all by himself and Link is too busy with Skyward Sword to take that load (and there’s no good reason at the moment for a separate version of the game).

    That said, this will absolutely NOT be a Galaxy game. I don’t need any new evidence to know that they got that out of their systems in 2. They only felt compelled to make 2 in the first place because they had more to say, and I’m thankful they did, but it’s time for Galaxy to be put to rest and wow us with another masterful turn in the series.

  2. Andodel

    I’d hope for a Super Mario Sunshine 2. That game was way better than Galaxy in my opinion.

  3. shane12234

    considering that there hasnt been a 3D mario game set in the mushroom kingdom scince mario 64 im gonna place my bets on that.

  4. Gina

    There is no way a 3D Mario is coming to the Café just yet, The team who Made Mario galaxy 1 & 2 are busy working on a 3D mario for the 3DS. The team who made the 2D new super mario bros DS & Wii are said to be working on Pikmin 3 (unconfirmed) so I don’t see how this Mario game is being made

  5. Xrayz Reactionz

    make it more like super mario 64 that was the best by far

  6. Seven

    I don’t really know why is everyone that hyped. They are talking about Mario Kart 3DS…

    • TNelson711

      pretty much this

      It’s either that or Paper Mario 3DS

    • Gina

      No, Specifically a New Mario for a new console it says, Everyone knows Mario 3DS/Paper/Kart will be shown at e3

    • TNelson711

      Let’s see

      they said that Mario 3DS won’t be the only Mario game announced at E3. Where does it say that it’s a Project Cafe title?

      oh, and before you say “Mario Galaxy for the next generation”, keep in mind that it’s just speculation on their part.

  7. joshua dale pointing to possible news

    nikkei have supposedly confirmed the cafe controller rumours

    just thought i would draw your attention this way

  8. joshua dale pointing to possible news

    the second link does link back to the nikkei (supposed) confirmation but you need to be able to read japanese and be a nikkei member to view it.

    • F0

      Thanks, Josh, but I already reported on this earlier.

    • joshua dale pointing to possible news

      i submitted the comments literally a minute or so before you posted the story XD but good to see you saw it too 😀

  9. George Tirebiter


    I don’t really know why is everyone that hyped. They are talking about Mario Kart 3DS…

    But a new Mario game is being announced. We already know about Mario Kart 3DS and Paper Mario 3DS, so those aren’t “new” titles in terms of E3.

  10. Is Mario Cafe the spiritual sequel to Hotel Mario?

  11. Here’s hoping there’s a new Mario game for Project Cafe, it’s a title Nintendo kind of needs to make their consoles successful, and having one available near launch day would significantly increase Wii 2 sales.

    Don’t take the supposed ‘retail order list’ evidence of a Super Mario Wii 2 as this being confirmed just yet, that’s listed under Wii games and is more likely to simply be the codename for a third New Super Mario Bros game.

    • F0

      That list that’s been floating around is actually totally fake. I’m working on a post about it right now.