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Spector: “no comment” on Epic Mickey game for Wii U

Epic Mickey 2 was announced to be coming to the PS3, Xbox 360 and the Wii but not Nintendo’s next generation console the Wii U. Last month, Warren Spector explained that the game would not be coming to the Wii U because it was well into development before he heard about Nintendo’s next home console. […]

First trailer & gameplay footage of Epic Mickey 2 to be revealed next week?

GameTrailers have booked some exclusive time with Junction Point and Warren Spector, and there’s a good chance that Epic Mickey 2 will be a major focus of their next episode, which airs on March 22. GTTV will have the world exclusive reveal trailer and first gameplay anywhere of Warren Spector’s next yet-to-be-announced game. It’s going to […]

Warren Spector to reveal “epic project” on March 27th

Warren Spector, the creator of Epic Mickey, is planning to unveil a new, “epic project” at an invite-only press conference on March 27th. Epic Mickey 2 is known to have been in development for a while, and we heard just a few weeks ago that it was coming to the Wii U. Chances are that this […]