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Our first look at Monolith Soft’s next game

A trailer was shown for Monolith Soft’s next game during the last Nintendo Direct. The game seems to be similar to their previous game, the critically acclaimed Xenoblade Chronicles for Wii, and may feature multiplayer as suspected by the side bar on the left during parts of the trailer. The trailer can be found after the break.

Feature: Exploring JRPGs on the Wii U

Tucked away with my love letters to Nintendo have been my ruminations on the possibility of sequels to the JRPG games dubbed the ‘Operation Rainfall‘ three on the Wii U, and the prospect that the Wii U could be known as more of a JRPG heaven than the Wii was. As an fan of the […]

Monolith Soft share some Wii U goals

Nintendo’s first-party studio Monolith Soft (responsible for Xenoblade) is currently developing a Wii U game. The only thing we know about the game is the information from the job listings posted; for an effect designer to create maps and battle effects and a motion designer to create battle scenes. However, in a recent interview, the […]

Xenoblade developer working on Wii U game

The studio responsible for Xenoblade for the Wii are currently in the process of developing a Wii U game. Nintendo’s first party studio Monolith Soft are currently looking for programmers, designers and artists to work on the Wii U title. They have not shared any details about the game but the jobs that they are […]