The first leaked video of the Wii 2?

The following video has surfaced on Youtube, which is supposed to have been sneakily shot during a presentation at an unknown video game developer. Once again, it shows what some people have begun to call “the Windows 7 box that doesn’t want to die.”

Take it for what it’s worth. Do you think it’s real or not?

I’d like to give special thanks, by the way, to Kyle for sending this in.

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Comments, Reactions, and General Hooliganism

  1. 0003mg

    Hard to tell… AT this point I am just going to wait until E3.

  2. Well with this much time left before E3 I’m going to try and wait. But man, that looks real! ^_^

  3. knux03

    call me crazy but that video on the screen looks like monster hunter video

  4. Wertville

    *Insert Schroedinger’s cat here*
    We won’t know until E3 😉

  5. Snake

    This is fake – if real, it would be way too easy to identify where it came from and they person would be immediately fired

  6. RonRac2

    I don’t know about you guy’s, but I’m kinda leaning to the vid being real.

  7. George Tirebiter

    Seeing as its one of the more realistic-looking “leaks” out there, I’m exercising the approach of “Innocent until proven guilty.” I do find interest in the notion that this is a college class giving a fake lecture using these slides based on the screenshots posted online so far.

    It’ll probably end up being that, but we don’t have any indisputable proof one way or the other (and don’t counter with “It’s before E3.”. That’s not proof, but rather an assumption. A wise assumption most likely, but an assumption all the same.

    • pika23

      Did you not notice the actual console sitting there??

    • Okami

      That’s not proof. It would not be that hard to make, especially at that distance. (You can’t see it well enough to se if it’s a fake or not)

  8. George Tirebiter

    Just to clarify, the period of time we are currently in is “before E3.” I’m talking about someone who considers the fact that this isn’t being shard on June 6th (the night before) proof alone. FYI, stay away from your computer June 6th if you don’t want any Nintendo Conference spoilers. Took a particle out of the bang caused by Goldeneye for me. Can’t say the same for Donkey Kong, because I didn’t expect a DKC game.

    • barkleylola

      Their press conference is June 7th

  9. Mr Bill

    That controller looks a bit old-school.

  10. DaimyoNintendo

    It does coincide with the images we saw in late April of the black console and later the white console which have the same shape. This is the fourth leak (be it video or images) and all the consoles look the same. Usually when there are leaks by more than one party the consoles have never looked the same. All these consoles look the same. My IGN blog has some images I think you all have seen.

  11. RockD79

    Fortunately they went as far in another video to show the most crumy 3D modeling i’ve ever seen used and successfully put this model to the grave. Besides, we’ve been looking at the GameCube vents, Linksys antenna and Windows 7 box for weeks. If it was real Nintendo would have had the websites pull the pics and video down weeks ago.

  12. Dwayne

    So no one but me has noticed that the guy directly in front of the camera look EXACTLY like Reggie????

  13. I dont think its real. It was all far too vague.

    Even if it was real i wouldnt really care – couldnt really see anything. Not long til the E3 Expo anyway. 😀

  14. great thinker

    two frigging students in a class room with a camera phone and a projector a wii 2 it doesnt make and why point at the console and do a cheessy grin FAKE

  15. Joseph

    Give it a couple of days. If Nintendo hasn’t pull down any of the video they find, then it’s fake.

  16. irish gamer dude

    its a external harddrive and two people in a dark room ZZZZZZZZZZ

  17. Play4Fun


    So no one but me has noticed that the guy directly in front of the camera look EXACTLY like Reggie????

    You mean the guy who all we saw of him was the back of his head? Yeah…

    I’m thinking this ‘leak’ is fake. Whoever did this really put some effort into it (if it’s fake that is…which I think it is).

  18. Gregz

    I would think it’s a fake. The photos just look ‘too’ similar to the ones on the internet(Thats if they haven’t been leaked). Its just probably persons talking about the possibilities of what the Project Cafe would look like. And I would think they would have a combination of motion control and the touchscreen(just a thought)

  19. Ruthie

    I keep watching this trying to figure out whether its fake or not but I can’t make up my mind.

  20. Joshua Dale

    Just thought I would link you to a website I spotted today, so you can see if you agree with me. It’s for a French website which gave several students a challenge to create some piece of multimedia of there own choice, and attempt to draw in over 5,000 views to the page. the top prize apparently went to 2 students for creating the video claiming to be the project cafe event.

    the original French site

    the translated page

    other news sites dont seem to have picked up on this yet, but it could be evidence that this is truly faked.

    Hope this is worthy of updating the original story, and hope your well

    Joshua Dale