THQ are ‘excited’ about the Wii 2

Could the Wii 2 receive a port of Saints Row 3?

It could be that THQ have something in the works for the Wii 2. According to IndustryGamers, Brian Farrell, boss of THQ shared his thoughts about the Wii’s successor in an earnings call a few days ago. Unsurprisingly, he did not release any eye-popping details about the Wii 2 or confirm that the publisher had any games for it.

He would only reveal that he was ‘excited’ for it and that THQ intended to support Nintendo’s next home console. According to gaming website CVG, in February, Brian had let slip that Nintendo announcing a new console might not be a suprise for the company, suggesting that they had already come into contact with it.

THQ is responsible for publishing popular games such as Red Faction and Saints Row. They have already showed support for the 3DS and had intended to bring Saints Row to the platform before it was cancelled for unknown reasons. It seems quite plausible that they would support the Wii 2 and maybe even grace it with a Saints Row game.

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  1. knux03

    waiting for the leak but thnx 4 the news 😀

  2. Darksiders 2 on Cafe?