Ubisoft is developing two new IP’s for the Wii U

What could Ubisoft have in mind for the Wii U?

We know that Ubisoft will be bringing Rabbids, Ghost Reacon and Assassin’s Creed to the Wii U but now it has been announced that Ubisoft are bringing more games to the Wii U in the form of two new IP’s.

“Nintendo is an industry reference for game design and accessibility. We are very honored to be a strong part of this new chapter of the videogame industry,” said Yves Guillemot, chief executive officer at Ubisoft.

What type of games these new IPs will be remains a mystery but we can probably expect these new IP’s to make it for the Wii U’s launch sometime next year.

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Comments, Reactions, and General Hooliganism

  1. Play4Fun

    I wonder if they are exclusives. I hope so.

    If Nintendo wants all type of gamers they need a few exclusive core games for those dedicated gamers to succeed.

  2. SupaBeam

    well of course there going to have exclusive’s im positive there gonna make smash bros they mentioned it at e3 but its pretty cool there making assassin’s creed for this to i always saw stuff for it looked cool but im a microsoft hater there was no way i was gonna buy an xbox lol but really revolutionary console comin sometime after march 😀

  3. ceelow85

    Red steel 3

  4. chinomanila

    Hopefully a fps, because I do not believe any of those titles are fps. BTW I do not think Red Steel is a ip…

  5. Jikayaki

    You can already count Ghost Recon Online as a potential strong contender to get the dudebros’ attention. Technically its not an exclusive, but it’s only coming out for the PC and Wii U. Dudebros’ that have made the FPS genre so popular this generation are generally console players not PC gamers, so it may as well be a Wii U exclusive as far as exposure to this crowd goes. It all depends on marketing and Wii U’s online system. If it can run Ghost Recon Online like the PC then technically at least the infrastructure is superior, but it depends on can Nintendo get hardcore gamers to buy into Wii U.