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Pikmin 3 Revealed

Pikmin 3 has been unveiled! We have new Pikmin, such as the rock Pikmin, more realistic effects, such as Pikmin finding natural things to build bridges with, and a beautiful HD display. You can play on the nun-chuck and Wiimote or simply by using the Wii U controller. We have the ability to use four […]

New Nintendo characters are coming soon?

My days aren’t complete until I hear more of Miyamoto’s excruciatingly interesting hints that a new Nintendo franchise is on its way. Two years ago he announced that he was working on a new character and only this month he hinted that he was working on small but important projects for the Wii U. Now, in an […]

Ubisoft is developing two new IP’s for the Wii U

We know that Ubisoft will be bringing Rabbids, Ghost Reacon and Assassin’s Creed to the Wii U but now it has been announced that Ubisoft are bringing more games to the Wii U in the form of two new IP’s. “Nintendo is an industry reference for game design and accessibility. We are very honored to be a […]