[Video] Two Ninja Gaiden 3 previews

Giant Bomb and GameTrailers had the chance to get some playtime with Ninja Gaiden 3 and put two great preview videos together. While they are of the Xbox 360 version, there’s lots of great footage here to help you get a feel for how the game will look and feel. Giant Bomb’s video in particular is a solid 40 minutes long.

You can watch the videos after the break. And just a warning – there is a lot of blood.

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Comments, Reactions, and General Hooliganism

  1. crackkat


  2. Rocco Loria

    This game keeps looking better and better. I’m thinking it’ll be day 1 for me on the WiiU.

    Also when do you think we’ll see WiiU footage? Do you think it will look much different?

    • F0

      Personally, I expect they’ll hold back any firm details about the Wii U version, including footage, until E3. I don’t expect the game to look too different from its Xbox 360/PlayStation 3 counterpart, but we may see improved textures, a smoother framerate, and a higher resolution.

    • igame2012

      i bet you’ll see almost all the launch games at e3

  3. Blaine

    By a xbox 360 for this game. It would be much cheaper. I already have one. Got it off of ebay for 20 dollars. Not very much money.

    • Guest

      Buy a brain for your body. You would be much smarter. I already have one. Got it off of German Club Nintendo for 4850 stars. A lot of stars for a brainless M$ fanboy. And even more for ad bots.

    • igame2012

      lol dont pick on the microsux fanboys, they have no relevant reasons to own their consoles. NO games , laggy online, and once again no games lol XD