What Iwata said about the Wii’s successor at the investor relations meeting

Wii successor

We have decided to release Wii’s successor in 2012.

We plan to display it in a playable form at the E3 show to be held from June 7 in Los Angeles. The specifications are to be revealed at the show.

I am afraid I can’t say any specific here today but, at E3, the company hopes to propose a new framework for a game system to be enjoyed at home.

And that’s it. Just as I had predicted, Iwata revealed nothing about the Wii’s successor at the meeting that Nintendo didn’t already mention in their official announcement.

Before I end this (hopefully not too disappointing) short post, I’d also like to mention that Iwata is planning to support the Wii with a new major software release every month from May to the end of the summer. He said this in context of the Japanese release calendar, but hopefully he’s planning to treat the rest of the world similarly.

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Comments, Reactions, and General Hooliganism

  1. SonofMrPeanut

    If you look at it from a strictly Project Café point of view, there really wasn’t anything of note other than the kind of official confirmation The Truth & Wiilover (Nintondo316) can’t ignore. Can’t wait to see how they’ll call that a fake. Seriously, guys, if you just admit Project Café real the pestering will stop (at least I’ll stop). I promise.

    If you look at it from a 3DS view however, we heard the eShop is coming in late May (which most likely means THE last week) with Excitebike as a free 3D Classic game. Super Mario Land, Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening DX, Mega Man Legends 3 Prototype Version AND Excitebike 3D? Not a bad start, if you ask me.

    Also, this padding the summer strategy makes me even more excited for E3. ^_^