Why the Wii 2 will be 3D, and how it may work

3D Nintendo Wii

Today, I stumbled across a wonderful speculative editorial by Andreas Garbe aka Falafelkid about the Wii’s successor. He’s done his homework and believes that it will be a 3D-capable system, for good reason (despite some comments to the contrary earlier).

Of course, there are limitations imposed by parallax barrier technology, which is what is currently used in glassesless 3D TVs as well as the 3DS; but Andreas thinks that Nintendo may try to avoid this with a proprietary 3D display, noting that they had previously experimented with such a solution when they were still developing the GameCube.

I’ll stop there, because the work he’s put into this article is magnificent, and the last thing I want to do is butcher it. It’s a great read you might want to look into if you feel starved of real Wii 2 information (like I do). Check it out here.

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Comments, Reactions, and General Hooliganism

  1. Wertville

    The same thing they did with the gamecube…? A screen that fits over a TV? Did I guess correctly O.o? :D?

    ANYWAY, if the super wii cube entertainment system 64 has glasses free 3D… Without the limits of the 3DS/glasses free tv’s… Goodbye next-gen Xstation ([s]If no one got that, that’s Playstation and xbox put togeth… Fine, I’ll type them both out next time :P[/s])

  2. wiiboy101

    that guy at wii definitive speculation is a hack and has destroyed his blog with the nonsense he comes out with after a great start he went of the rails after a bunch of neogaf fools ridiculed him…. after that he went all anti nintendo and started calling them to side with the neogaf community it started so well for him in 2006 as well it was a great blog

    he seems hell bent on trying to say nintendo is doomed like so so do now all in the name of fitting in at neogaf very sad

    HE TRIED TO SAY PS3 AND MOVE WOULD FINISH WII i lost all respect for that guy as clearly both move and kinect failed as any sane person would know

    he completly miss understood blue ocean and disruption bussiness practive and foolishly claimed nintendo went casual completly misses the truth nintendo disrupted sony and microsofts bussiness into huge financial loss and took DS and wii mainstream like no console before

    he seems to believe all the wii doomed rubbish that gets reported its even been suggested he himself was payed to go anti nintendo in his articles and viral market against them for $$$$$$$$$

  3. Ephesus

    LOL I thought the picture was that of the Wii 2 for a moment.

    I’m kinda fuming at Nintendo right now. Just as I asked my parents for a real game console for the first day in my entire life… they HAD to remake a 3D-compatible version, which would’ve surely been a mind-blowing experience.

    Though, come to think of it, a projector sounds much more appealing than a screen. Who knows, perhaps such a gadget will become casual someday; hopefully BEFORE I become too old to read user manuals. XP