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Nintendo filed patents for 3D/HD display for controller

It seems that Nintendo weren’t only interested in 3D for their newest handheld, but also for the Wii U. Patents filed in September 2011 by the company talk about how the MD (mobile display), in other words the controller screen, may have a 3D display. The patent also hints at 3D output to an SD (standard display) […]

Wii U will support 3D output (but Nintendo isn’t focusing on it)

It’s good to finally have an answer to a question many have been asking since the 3DS’s debut: will the Wii U be able to output a 3D signal to 3D TVs? Iwata’s official answer to that question is “technologically, yes, it is going to be possible, but that’s not the area we are focusing […]

What 4 developers want from the Wii 2

IndustryGamers was fortunate enough to get several developers to give them their thoughts on what they wanted to see in the Wii’s successor. Three of them made it clear that they really wanted to see an improved online infrastructure for distributing downloadable games, and two were down for a more powerful system. Augmented reality and […]

GAME predicts ‘huge interest’ in Project Café

Speaking to CVG, the UK retailer GAME shared its predictions that there would be massive widespread interest in the Wii’s successor. Neil Aschurst, the head of the company, commented on how the Wii left its mark on living rooms across the world, and what that means for its successor. Here’s the full quote: The Nintendo […]

IGN reveals Wii 2 name & price, confirms 3D and other details

IGN’s got a slew of new, detailed information on Project Café’s specs, controller, design, cost, and more, as well as what may become the system’s final name.

Nintendo hires PS3 engineer, researches head tracking systems

What’s this? Camera tracking and head-mounted stereoscopic displays? What exactly is Nintendo up to?

Wii 2 motion-sensing is “better than Move”

Some reports state that the Wii 2’s controller picks motions up more accurately than the current leader in the field, Sony’s PlayStation Move.

3D won’t be a headlining feature of the Wii 2

Reggie said that 3D won’t be a selling point of the Wii 2. However, he left the possibility open for it to be included as a feature nonetheless.

Hideki Konno demonstrates Mario Kart Wii in glassesless 3D at GDC

At the recent Game Developers Conference, Hideki Konno showed off a demo of Mario Kart Wii running in Nintendo 3DS-like autostereoscopic 3D.

Nintendo – ‘Never say never’ to 3D on home consoles

Recent comments from a UK Nintendo representative suggest that 3D does, in fact, have a chance of making it into the Wii 2.