Wii 2 Blog Official Launch Delayed…

Sorry to anyone who’s reading this site at this point; I know I said I would officially launch this blog on the 29th, but I can’t do that as long as the domain I wanted for it is unavailable. It had been registered by someone else up to some time ago, but apparently, 75 days need to pass from its expiry date in August before I’m allowed to grab it for myself; pretty much means this site will stay here until the beginning of November or so.

Still, that gives me a little more time to polish up the site’s design! Does anyone think I should “launch” it under its current subdomain, wii2blog.feld0.com, or is it better if I wait for wii2blog.com to become available again?

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  1. Michael

    i’d say wii2blog since it is easier to remember, and easier to find in a search engine (if you actually care about my opinon)

    • F0

      Hey, of course I care about your opinion (there really aren’t any others around, anyway! :P)! I thought wii2blog.com was a better name, too; my alternative, nintendowii2blog.com is a bit too long for convenience.

  2. Michael

    Yea, plus a bunch of people might get confused by the name change, I’d say just wait (unless a lot of news is revealed before then)