Wii 2 Blog Launch in 3…2…1…


This site has already been online for a little over a month, but today marks the day of its official launch; everything until now was really just a test of sorts, partly to gauge the interest in the site and partly to give myself a chance to play around a bit with some behind-the-scenes stuff.

I’ve now managed to register Wii 2 Blog’s own domain after spending the last two months waiting for it to drop. In addition, I created its official Facebook page – just click the big “Like” button in the sidebar to get all the latest news delivered straight to your news feed!

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For anyone who was already following the site in its early prototype phase, I’d like to extend my thanks to you for giving me a burst of confidence I never expected; if the blog was already able to get a few fairly dedicated readers then, it has a bright future ahead of itself. I also want to apologize for the lapse in updates recently – some real-life commitments came up that I couldn’t ignore, but those are, for the most part, out of the way now.

But also remember that updates may be a little slower on this site than others due to the general lack of information about the Wii’s successor. Subscribe to the email newsletter on the right to be sure you don’t miss out on new updates when I get them! If you see anything interesting that’s related to the Wii’s successor, please feel free to send it in to me by email or post it in the comments of an article. If I decide it’s worth writing about, you’ll get full credit for the submission.

New sections and features will be added as I see fit. The only reason the site is small and simple right now is that there simply isn’t enough content yet to support anything bigger. I do have things like forums and image galleries in mind, but they’re simply unnecessary at the moment.

I’d like to bring this post to a close by giving a few special shouts to a few special people:

Adam Leavi from Nintendo3DS.org.uk for being a great friend and supporting Wii 2 Blog right from when I first thought of it. Thanks also for giving me a job when I needed it the most; it’s helping greatly to finance this and other sites of mine.

David Turnbull from Nintendo 3DS Blog for inspiring me to create this site as well as being a good friend and supporting it.

The wonderful staff at HostGator for providing great hosting and backing it up with good customer service. Their servers are what keep this site up and running, and the technical support is always there for me when I need it (editor’s note: we no longer host with HostGator).

This site wouldn’t have been possible without these people, so it would be nice if you could show a little appreciation by visiting and maybe even signing up for their respective sites.

Without further ado, welcome to Wii 2 Blog!

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  1. Good stuff mate, and thanks for the shout-out. I’ll be following your blog, of course, and will send some traffic your way when Wii 2-related news picks up. 🙂

    • F0

      Many thanks for the comment, follow, and the future shoutout, Dave!

  2. georgie